Medium Meeting Room (Type 13)

Quick Specs
Power and Data supplied by customer.
For concealed cabling, core drilling/ceiling access may be required by customer's nominated contractors.

Our Type 13 room is our 55 inch screen with Zoom Room appliance mobile solution for medium sized rooms. The sleek, easy to manoeuvre roll about cart, makes it easy to move from room to room. The high quality all in one Zoom Room appliance has built in camera, speakers and microphones to pick up everyone in the room The optional table top controller allows you to present content wirelessly from your laptop with intelligent proximity oneclick sharing The conference rooms can also interoperate with legacy video systems and into other web conferencing platforms. Zoom Rooms allow you to use one touch to start an instant or scheduled meeting with calendar integrations that also supports upcoming meetings list, multiple content share and room check-in and check-out.

With the Connect NZ Managed solution our team can manage rooms at scale with a centralised conference room portal monitoring firmware and platform updates as well as room health and utilisation.

75" All in one on mobile trolley
A portable 75" collaborative HD touch screen. Making this an ideal, fully functional and mobile solution. Providing a fully immersive and professional AV space that can be shared across workspaces.
Zoom Room Controller and Console
Incredibly feature rich, yet beautifully simple Zoom cloud meetings are perfectly controlled via touch on the Apple iPad using the world-leading iOS app. The tablet is housed in a clever cradle for security and convenience.
Zoom Room Application
Bring high quality video, audio, and web conferencing to your meeting room. Zoom enables you to present content wirelessly from your laptop or mobile device. Use one touch to start an instant or scheduled meeting from the many calendar integrations available.