Quiet Zoom Room (Type 1)

Quick Specs
1 Small table, 2 chairs.
Power and Data supplied by customer.
For concealed cabling, core drilling/ceiling access may be required by customer's nominated contractors.

Quiet Zoom rooms are designed for smaller spaces such as a phone booth, focus room or an Executive office. You can use the room to make phone call, as a touch whiteboard, share content or to join/start a video meeting. This is a simple, powerful, yet inexpensive solution Video conferencing - ready to go. Simply connect the All-in-ONe PC and your teams are ready to get connected and collaborate using Zoom. All components specified by Connect NZ for AV collaboration spaces are from Zoom certified hardware vendors.

This setup leverages an elegant 23.8" touch display, integrated speakers, a dual array microphone, and an HD camera.

All in one solution.
A all in on conferencing solution. With a high quality mic, camera and picture perfect touchscreen display. This solution is idea for small quiet meetings that require privacy and one to one or one to many interaction.